The Past Year

It's been awhile since I have made a post to my blog, even though during my last post I went on about how I needed to be more active with my blog. The truth is I have been pretty busy, with school, work and the rest of life (which isn't a bad thing). Let’s catch up with what I have been up to :).


I finished my 4th year of schooling, which is technically (credit-wise) my 3.5th year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta. I've worked part-time throughout my entire degree; originally at Second Cup, and in the last year as a Systems Developer at JV Driver. Because of this I didn't always take a full course load (4 courses instead of 5), thus extending my undergraduate degree from 4 to 4.5 years long. I think the decision was worth it; I'll always opt for happiness and balance over the stress of an over busy schedule. That being said I still have been very busy, but the kind of busy I can manage.

Time Management is the key to University, in my opinion, or at it has been for me. I imagine there are those who have other ways to handle the workload/life. However, I have found that the difficulty of work in my degree doesn't necessarily rise substantially from 3rd to 4th year so much as the quantity of work does. I like to think that I had a good system that worked for me, although I disregarded the importance of sleep, something that I have done for a long time.

sleepy coder


As I mentioned in a previous post I have been working as a Systems Developer Intern part-time throughout the school year, and I just started working full-time again. It has been a blessing to work as a developer during the year instead of my usual barista ways. Not only have I gotten the chance to work on things I enjoy, but my hours were way more flexible and I got to work from home. That being said I think I prefer working from the office; unless the workspace is built to 100% support remote employees. There were definitely some kinks when it came to set up and collaboration, but mostly everything worked out. I definitely feel more motivated to work when I can spend a good portion of the day focusing on work, like during the summer, rather than taking a few hour break from school to try and get something done. All in all, I really appreciated being able to continue working throughout the school year.

Development (Outside Work)

I took a bit of a break during the year from working on any side-projects. I found it extremely difficult to find the time to work on side projects between being a full-time student, part-time developer and being in a committed relationship. Half-way through the school year I decided to commit more of the little free time I had towards relaxing and playing video games (although this wasn't all that much time). I'm looking forward to all the extra time I get during the summer to work on some projects I have lined up (both individually and with friends of mine).

Looking Forward

I know last time I mentioned that I wanted to be way more active on my blog, but I failed terribly at that. The problem is centered on the fact that my blog was having a bit of an identity crisis. Part of me wanted a serious, development focused blog, while the other half wanted a place where I could write whatever I wanted. As I mentioned earlier, I don't like the pressure of writing strictly technical blogs so I'm hoping I can open up to the idea of just writing.

Until next time,

Tyler Wendlandt (@TylerWen)