Let's Git Down

I have used a few different source code management (SCM) tools throughout my short development career. I have found them all to be very useful. My favourite and one of the most popular SCMs is git. I've used git the most both in and out of the workplace, and it is likely the most popular SCM used in the OSS community. Despite its popularity, git isn't always an easy tool to use. In fact, it can often seem really confusing. Most developers that I have collaborated with know enough git to get by, but often struggle with more difficult concepts or obscure commands/arguments. I include myself in that category. I haven't had too hard of a time using git, but there definitely have been times where I get stuck. I've only recently started to explore the different workflows you can achieve with git.

git logo

As a learning experience, I will be conducting a lunch and learn at my work on git. I am hoping to shed light on some of its commands, and a few different workflows. In preparation, I am putting together a few short blog posts on different git commands and their usage. I think this will be a great exercise to get a better grasp of how to use git. I welcome anyone reading to chime in and provide feedback as I go. I am not an expert in this area, so hopefully we can work together and learn some cool things.

Looking forward to this!