A Case of The Mondays

I woke this morning to the sound of my 4th alarm blaring Modest Mouse's Education. I wouldn't say I'm not a morning person, it just takes me a little to get out of bed. I follow a pretty standard morning routine before work, which is relatively brief in order to maximize sleep. I say that ironically because I follow an odd sleeping schedule. My day starts when I get to the office and power up my work machine. That's when I realize...

I Love Mondays

My concentration peaks on mondays, I love popping on my headphones and writing good code with little to no distractions. On Mondays my mind is fresh and ready to do work. It feels good even to get things done. Each item checked off the to-do list is satisfying.

After Work

After work I spend nearly the whole night on development, whether it be discovering new languages/frameworks, working on old projects, or developing small applications to practice some new/old skills. For instance, I have yet to develop a full ember application that uses a database. To practice this I've planned to expand upon the Ember JS TodoMVC to fit my needs, and hook it up to a database for some data persistance. I'm also hoping to finish up the draft of a tutorial I've been writing on Node JS.

Final Notes

What I've discovered is that, for me, the more productive I am on Mondays the more I enjoy them. I now often look forward to a good Monday coding sprint. So my advice to you is to find something you've been wanting to accomplish and plan your Monday around it.