I have used a few different source code management (SCM) tools throughout my short development career. I have found them all to be very useful. My favourite and one of the most popular SCMs is git. I've used git the most both in and out of the workplace, and it is likely the most popular SCM used in the OSS community. Despite its popularity, git isn't always an easy tool to use. In fact, it can often seem really confusing. Most developers that I have collaborated with know enough git to get by, but often struggle with more difficult concepts

It's been awhile since I have made a post to my blog, even though during my last post I went on about how I needed to be more active with my blog. The truth is I have been pretty busy, with school, work and the rest of life (which isn't a bad thing). Let’s catch up with what I have been up to :).


I finished my 4th year of schooling, which is technically (credit-wise) my 3.5th year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Alberta. I've worked part-time throughout my entire degree; originally at Second Cup

Node JS / NPM have become essential parts of many applications. Because of this, and my recent experience with Node, I have decided to compile some instructions on how to install Node JS/NPM so that you do not require the sudo command (I found I needed this constraint when using Ember-CLI).

The Problem

Note: this tutorial was run on XUbuntu 14.04 (Ubuntu) & OSx Mavericks

There are many valid ways to install Node and NPM, so if you know of a different method that works for you by all means, stick with that. This tutorial on installing Node/NPM

I woke this morning to the sound of my 4th alarm blaring Modest Mouse's Education. I wouldn't say I'm not a morning person, it just takes me a little to get out of bed. I follow a pretty standard morning routine before work, which is relatively brief in order to maximize sleep. I say that ironically because I follow an odd sleeping schedule. My day starts when I get to the office and power up my work machine. That's when I realize...

I Love Mondays

My concentration peaks on mondays, I love popping on my headphones and writing good code

A new blog, what I should say is my first blog. I've never blogged before besides spamming pictures of radiohead to my old Tumblr account. This is a bit more of a mature approach in comparison to what I used to consider a blog. I have wanted to start a blog for a while, but for some reason or another I was not very attracted to any of the blogging platforms I had come accross. It was due to my recent dabbling in the EmberJS framework that led me to Ghost. I was pretty intrigued when I found out Ghost